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Easy to manage.
Professional in style.
Perfect for you.

Wix provides all the tools you need to manage your business. From bookings to stores, pricing plans to members areas; Wix has it all.

The tools you need


Wix provides and in-built CRM system that works seamlessly with your site. Someone fills out a form? Bam, their contact information is added to your CRM


The content manager allows for easy site updates without the need to jump into the site editor. Simply add or edit data and away you go!

Business Solutions

There's no need to pay for 3rd party apps unless you really need them. Wix has a suite of apps that are perfect for running your business.


Synced directly to the Wix Owners App, you can manage your store whether sitting at your desk, or on the train.


Whether an appointment, class or course, Wix Bookings has you covered. 


EditorX is unparalleled with its capabilities, from database support to an in built development environment. You'll be challenged to find a better platform.

And so much more...

It doesn't stop there!

With over 250+ apps in the Wix App Market, we're sure there's an app just for you.

And if not, we'll build it for you!

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