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Your Imagination
Is The Limit

Build. Manage. Deploy.

Velo by Wix provides us with all the tools we need to build robust web applications through the built-in IDE and Velo APIs.

Velo works seamlessly with both Wix and EditorX and allows for serverless coding in both the front end and backend.

In short, Velo allows us to create incredible functionality and interactions quicker than normal web development.


There’s no additional cost to you.1 It just works!

Manage your business with ease.

With Velo, you don't have to worry about complex database management.

We build custom dashboard experiences that seamlessly integrate with your site back office allowing you the freedom to update and manage content without worrying if things have been inputted correctly.

Case Studies

View some of the projects we've used Velo on to achieve outstanding database management and incredible interactions.

1. Whilst using the in-built Velo API's is free of charge, we do charge for the development of features using Velo. Each project is priced individually. There may be additional ongoing costs for your business should your project require external services. You will be aware of these costs prior to development commencing.

Velo Certified

Velo Community Leader

Reusable components

Wix Blocks allows for components to be built once and deployed across multiple sites with ease.

Blocks speed up our development and reduce the cost for you! It's a win-win for everyone!

Noah has been consistent, responsive and very professional to work with. We built our site in house and had to hire someone for the search component of the site. We felt the search capability was not as robust as others, and brought on Noah to make it more intuitive to also include a search map. We LOVE the enhancement and trusted his commitment to also have him work on our SEO of the site. He did a fantastic job and we hope to soon be ranking higher on search engines. It has been a pleasure working with Noah and he is a great addition to any team that needs help with their Wix site and overall understanding of SEO

Souny Kennedy, Creative Director

Why do you work with Velo?

Velo allows us to quickly integrate custom solutions with out the need for server setup etc.

Wix provides us with all the tools we need to give you exactly what you need!

In short, Velo is awesome and makes our time developing quicker, while making the budget required smaller. It's a win-win for everyone.

How much do you charge for custom Velo projects?

Most Velo projects range from £800 - £2500. These generally include custom dashboard pages for content manager handling along with custom site apps.

We have a minimum Velo engagement fee of £250.

Projects vary in price according to specific needs.