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EditorX is the perfect tool for designers and businesses to work in harmony.

With the simplicity of Wix' business tools, and the power of responsive design, your business is going to be unstoppable.

The new standard in website creation

With EditorX, the possibilities are endless

EditorX is unparalleled with its capabilities, from database support to an in built development environment. You'll be challenged to find a better platform.

Responsive Design

Smartphone and tablet traffic contributes to around 60% of website traffic.

EditorX provides us with controls to ensure your clients see exactly what we want them to see.

Incredible CMS tools

Create content driven designs with EditorX in built CMS.


EditorX' CMS allows you to simply design once and create unlimited dynamic pages, power custom made apps and so much more!

Simple and elegant

We believe that good design doesn't need explanation. Your site is simply limited by your imagination with EditorX.

How much does an EditorX site cost?

Most EditorX projects cost between £8,000 and £15,000.

Our minimum EditorX project engagement fee is £5,000.

(These prices are for full projects. We do complete individual tasks on EditorX sites which are individually priced)

What is the difference between EditorX and Wix?

EditorX is a fully responsive website builder designed and built by Wix.

EditorX provides the comfort and familiarity of Wix business tools, such as Wix Bookings and Wix Stores, and combines them with a fully visual website builder.

In short, we have the power to create unique experiences that are consistent for your clients, while you have the reassurance of Wix' tools.

Why do you work with EditorX?

We believe that EditorX is the future for website creation. It's designed specifically to allow designers to create complex and elegant designs, while ensuring site owners are able to manage their own sites.