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Salendine Nook Baptist Church



Our Role

Web Designer


Website Design

The Problem

Salendine Nook Baptist Church (SNBCH) was reaching the limits of the text editor based website creation platform they were previously using.

During COVID-19 they transitioned their services to online magazines, and wanted a website with greater design capabilities.

Their subscription with their previous platform had 4 weeks until renewal, which became our project deadline.

The Impact

SNBCH now has a website that better represents what they do

The Solution

It quickly became apparent that SNBCH needed to move platforms in order to achieve the goals that were set for this project.

We chose Wix for its ability to create websites with speed and providing many out of the box features needed for this project.

Wix' out of the box database feature (Wix Content Manager) has been used across many pages to allow for content to be updated and managed easily.